Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Price of Procrastination

Only about seven moons ago, I thought I could make a few posts about setting up some garden beds, pick some fruit from trees I found along the fence by the road, and try to start weeding and mowing and yardy sorts of things.
Obviously, the autofocus looked right past this pink-bud apple blossom, but it was one of many.
 I have no idea what this bush is, nor do I know much about rhodies, but they bloomed all over the place.
 And these Dutch Iris (I think) popped up, along with all kind of hostas, some at dinner plate size.

So went the spring into summer, with yellow plums, blue plums, a couple of Bartlett-like pears so scabby, I thought they'd be yucky, but I peeled one and decided it was just so-so. Apples were tasty but I didn't try making a pie or applesauce. The scab on the apples was pretty ugly, too. I procrastinated on summer pruning the fruit trees. They got a late-summer pruning that I'll illustrate in my next post.

After much more time and delay of game, I got some decent Honda stuff to attack the looming acreage of grasses/weeds. Great exercise, but it also let me procrastinate on starting even one measly garden bed. Various and sundry events filled in the days and weeks, with only notes and plans written on yellow tablets to show my intentions. More effort went into whacking down the nasty blackberries, creating heaps of stuff only a flamethrower could love. But - you guessed it, I had  to  procrastinate, because the county prohibits brush-burning until late October. That works for me!

The first frosty days just arrived, with the grass staying frosted for two full days so far. Really gives me a good reason excuse to stay indoors. Besides, I just got a High Mowings catalog, so I can catalog-garden instead. Maybe Johnny's and others will arrive soon, too. Oh, boy!


  1. Blackberries? You must get goats Barry. I hear they LOVE blackberries ; )

    1. I agree, Julie. There's a small herd of goars that seem to graze a patch along the road near here, and I've heard about folks who will graze their herd for a price - not sure how they'd fence them, or if they are tethered some way. We don't much care for the way the black bears trim the vines. Trample/stomp and mash looks pretty bad.

    2. I meant "goats" - goars are not around anywhere I know.

  2. Your mystery plant is called Japonica, are you telling me deer are not eating them? I call those irises Siberian Iris. Have fun!

  3. Hi, Ien,
    Thanks for taking a look at my wee blog. Your plant ID's are much appreciated! Now that we are chilled thoroughly and coated in about 5 inches of snow, I might work on my next post (naps do get first priority).