Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fall Colors

The change of seasons here is pretty abrupt, but I did catch a few of the maples in their golden best (but the overcast sky as seen by my cellphone camera dulls the scene a bit).

On the highway, it is tricky stupid to try to snap a view of the leaves at 88 feet per second, but hey, traffic was very light, and just four days later, the color was gone, leaving only drab gray branches. Blogger seems to have gotten stuck, so I ithink I should stop here and post this mini-post. If I can, I'll be trying to put in some pics of some unknown plants I have on the farm. I wonder why it clogged up and won't let me add another paragraph...<sigh>


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fall is here, and it's wet.

It is so cool to see the river fill so fast after each day of rain,

The two loafing sheds are chock full of blackberry vines. I hope to get some more sunny-day shots, as the leaves just splat all over  the ground when the rain hits heavier.

Aw, shucks, the pictures stuck together. The mist dulls out the yellow colors. That clup of branches and stuff is sitting still until I can start a set of cardboard/leaves and branches/paper and more cardboard "lasagna" garden bed where I hope to start a Spring garden in maybe March or April. If you could see the grass up close, it is riddled by mole mounds and studded liberally with droopy dandelions.