Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Winter Solstice passed - Merry Christmas!

This year has been long in some ways but fast in others. Then, we froze. No way to do anything outside but run out and take a couple of photos.
The iron horsehead got twice again as much - this was early in the day.

Our backyard was just getting whiter by the hour, at 13 degrees.

Wistfully, I looked out at the garden beds to be - those little wooden stobs are a foot tall sans snow, with he first couple of "lasagna" layers inside the string-bordered beds. See how procrastination gets covered up - at least for a while. We are getting some light rain, with the temps soaring almost to 50, so I might be tempted to slap on another bunch of molehill dirt (yes, they are back!), leaves, and gobs more cardboard, and if I can get some dandelion greens pulled, so much the merrier!

Oh, I forgot! Just a few days before the snow, I found this big ugly fungus amungus. I slapped Mr. Lincoln down alongside to give it some scale. No sign of any harm to it after the snow, but no way I'd I want some intrepid 'shroom-hunter to snack on that!

And finally, here's the river, dressed in its winter formal outfit.

Now that the days will be getting a bit more light, I'll find the bits and pieces of junk tools and supplies I've been collecting to start making the garden bed walls. The plans have been sketched out, modified considerably, and the fun will start once theory meets reality.
Here's to a very Merry Christmas, and a most Happy New Year to all!