Saturday, December 1, 2012

More Fall Color

It's too wet to even stand outside to daydream about next year's garden beds, but I do have a couple of quasi-sorta-maybe seasonally-related photos of some of the bushes and stuff in this area. I will preface all of them with a plea for anyone to tell me what any or all of these pretty plants are, so I might care for them optimally. I barely know the difference between a maple and oak-leaved poison oak! Also, these photos are from my rusty old iPhone, so they don't have much sharpness. I'm scratching through the packing boxes for my Fujifilm camera, which will take sharper pictures.

I recall that this was just plain green when I first saw the property...


fingers crossed, here's another:

but I think this fellow is a type of Arborvitae, yes?

and down the road a couple of miles, I found this, glowing in all its glorious redness, whatever it is:

Right now, the main color is just wet, not so pretty.
Oh, my, see how I mess up with pictures. I'm sorry! I'll leave the last photo below, since I can't figure how to resume text entry after it. Note that I haven't  even dared to try to add iPhone video clips!